Covid Made Me Write An Album

Life is so different today than it was a year ago. Last year on September 22, 2019, I was embarking on my planned "Gap Year" between graduating from high school and attending Hofstra University. I was signed with a artist management firm in Boston and I was rehearsing three times per week, playing out at live music venues around New England and working on my debut single "RIP My Diary". In hindsight, I suppose I took live music venues for granted. Today there is no live music in Boston due to the fear of spreading Covid. I'm also not at Hofstra yet due to Covid outbreaks. It's actually amazing how everything can change in just 365 days. 

Amidst all the carnage from Covid and the political landscape during a leadup to a new presidential election, something magical happened. I wrote my very first concept album in which 12 songs each will each tell a portion of a larger story. My inspiration for this album came from Taylor Swift's recently released "Folklore" album. Taylor Swift and a bad breakup will cause inspiration every time.  I am a storyteller by nature and so it's just fitting that all of my original songs tell a story. I love to take my listeners on a journey into what I experienced through my lyrical choices and the melodies I create for each song. In this spirit, I have no doubt that this new album will find the listeners it seeks and my stories will be shared. 

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