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What is the Back Stage Pass Subscription? The Back Stage Pass is an area exclusive to subscribers which can be accessed for just $5 per month. Each subscription helps me to offset the expenses for the studio recordings and gas money to and from my gigs. In return, I provide my subscribers to content I don't put out to the general public. It could be a blooper video from a recording session or a music video, Behind The Scenes photos & videos that sometimes can be embarrassing, lyrics to a song I am writing that I need feedback on, polls on what type of content you want, and so much more. 

Please consider subscribing to my website. Your monthly support will help me create more music on an ongoing basis.

Here are the perks of being a Back Stage Pass subscriber:

  • An exclusive blog feed with updates
  • Interviews with other artists to highlight the immense talent in Boston
  • collaborations with other artists on songs 
  • Early access to new songs and albums 
  • Access to exclusive/unreleased songs 
  • Exclusive merchandise offerings
  • Access to full catalog (streams) 
  • Discounts on merch 
  • Exclusive online shows 

Thank you so much for supporting my career. I truly appreciate it.